How NDB inspired three award-winning Hollywood composers to join forces and create a venture to preserve the highest quality of music for the biggest brands.







Project Details

AI and developments in tech are fast changing the production of entertainment and advertising. However, when it comes to music for the most iconic brands and campaigns, technology doesn’t compete with the gravitas and touch of real composers. At NDB, we believe this is something to preserve for brands who want the very best.

So, we decided to approach three prolific, multi-award winning Hollywood composers – Harry Gregson-Williams, Tom Howe, and Oscar winner, Mychael Danna – and suggest that they pool their skills and references under the banner of Ad My Music, thereby creating one of the world’s most formidable ad music houses.

For brands, this means the very highest standard of music composition, from orchestras to digital music, with the opportunity to record at the prestigious Abbey Road and Air studios in the UK. In addition, Ad My Music provides a Music Supervisory Service to give the highest stamp of approval on quality music production for ads.

Harry Gregson-Williams, Tom Howe and Mychael Danna


Within two weeks, Ad My Music was up and running in the UK with a brand-new website, new copy, and endless possibilities for the future.

The planning and execution flowed so smoothly that NDB and Ad My Music are now partners, and will collaborate to deliver the best music for the best projects all around the world.